Strength is the numerical value relating to the physical strength of a person, creature, or thing. It also usually relates to the physical bulk of the item, though this is most accurate for humans where someone with STR 8 will be rather largely muscled.

A human will rarely exceed 10, since even world record holders cannot exceed 600 lbs currently. Most animals can also make use of this scale, with very large animals having very large numbers. Most humans can lift their own body weight, which can be a good place to set their Max Lift. Max Lift is not a reliable number for most humans, who cannot lift that amount consistently. Skills can increase the reliability of this.

Strength Carrying Capacity Metric Max Lift Strike Damage
0 50 lbs. 22 kg 100 lbs. 1d
1 75 lbs. 34 kg 150 lbs. 1d
2 100 lbs. 45 kg 200 lbs. 1d+1
3 125 lbs. 56 kg 250 lbs. 1d+1
4 150 lbs. 68 kg 300 lbs. 1d+2
5 175 lbs. 79 kg 350 lbs. 1d+2
6 200 lbs. 90 kg 400 lbs. 1d+3
7 225 lbs. 102 kg 450 lbs. 1d+3
8 250 lbs. 113 kg 500 lbs. 2d
9 275 lbs. 124 kg 550 lbs. 2d
10 300 lbs. 136 kg 600 lbs. 2d+1

Supernatural and Mechanical Strength is treated differently and uses a geometric scale. More will be said on that in Traits.

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