Smallarms is a general term for handguns, sub-machineguns, and other shorter firearms.


  • Firing Behind, the character can fire under the armpit, over the shoulder, or between their legs to shot behind them.
  • Shoot from the Hip,
  • Close-Quarters Battle,
  • Double-Load,
  • Dual-Weapon Attack,
  • Fanning,
  • Enemy Fast Draw, Cinematic, This lets the character draw a weapon carried by another person.
  • Rapid Fire,
  • Feint,
  • Flanking Fire,
  • Jam Clearing,
  • Precision Aiming,
  • Quick Shot,
  • Retain Weapon,
  • Targeted Attack,
  • Thumbing,
  • Two-Handed Thumbing,
  • Whirlwind Attack, Cinematic,
  • Akimbo, This allows a character to open doors, reload, and other simple tasks while holding a weapon in each hand.
  • Area Defense, Cinematic, This is a form of parry usable against projectiles by firing projectiles at them.
  • Ricochet, Cinematic, Characters can bank bullets off surfaces to hit targets they otherwise couldn't hit.
  • Bullet Bending, Cinematic, Characters using this can send a bullet on a curving arc around simple cover.
  • Hole Cutter/Ballistics Breakthrough, Cinematic, Characters using this can use bullets to cut openings in a surface.
  • Fast Draw,
  • Gazing Fire, Cinematic, Characters are adept at grazing a target rather than hitting them directly.
  • Quick Fingers, Characters can adjust a weapons controls without having to pause as long as one hand is free.
  • Melee Shooting, Characters are adept at firing within 1 meter of themselves.
  • Close-Contact Shots, Close-Contact Shots are point-blank with the barrel against the target.
  • Pistol Whipping, This is using the weapon as a blunt object to strike someone with.
  • Quick-Swap, this is exchanging a weapon between hands.
  • Skip Shot, a non-cinematic version of Ricochet which halves damage and only works on partial exposed targets.
  • Off-Hand Shooting,
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