One of the three striking combat skills, karate is simply the generic name used for the most 'sophisticated' of the three types of unarmed striking rather than representing karate itself. Unlike Boxing, Karate skill involves strikes with hands, elbows, knees, and feet.


  • Hypnotic Hands: Requires Hypnotism, SAV based,
  • Pressure Strikes: Physiology, LOG based,
  • Precognitive Parry: Requires Precognition, PER based,
  • Combat Awareness: PER based,
  • Aggressive Parry,
  • Attack From Above,
  • Axe Kick, This is a kick which involves bringing your leg up and then slamming it down onto the enemy heel first.
  • Back Kick/Strike, This allows you to make a strike or kick behind you without changing your facing or flailing wildly.
  • Counterattack, This involves attacking instantly after having defended against an attack to exploit the time it takes to regain their posture.
  • Disarm, This is a strike that tries to force the enemy to drop a weapon.
  • Ear Clap,
  • Elbow Strike,
  • Exotic Strike,
  • Eye-Rake,
  • Eye-Poke,
  • Hard Eye-Poke, Rather than simply trying to blind an opponent this eye-poke seeks to drive a finger right through the socket and into the brain.
  • Feint,
  • Ground Fighting,
  • Hammer Fist,
  • Head Butt,
  • Leg Hook,
  • Jam,
  • Jump Kick,


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