Character Traits

Traits are abilities a character may possess, like being attractive or gifted in understanding languages. Traits can be either positive (beneficial to you and so cost points) or negative (harmful or hindering to you and so give points). Most traits also come in three point values: Low, Medium, and High. These are worth 5, 10, and 15 points respectively. Some traits may even come in all three values with somewhat different abilities at each value. A few traits have multiple levels all bought at a fixed cost from the three point values. Certain Traits may also require a related skill to work properly, this is most common for combat traits.

Traits can also have Options, these allow you to alter the base trait to have different effects. So the Ranged Attack trait may have options like: incendiary, rapid fire, and reduced range. Some options cost points and others do not. Many options simply establish how a power works such as the Ranged Attack being 'Magic'.

The idea behind traits is that they can model any ability by simply adding options to mimic the characteristics of what is being modeled. The current list is missing many negative options planned for the final list.

Origin Options

Trait Origins are options that specify the 'source' or 'conditions' of a trait. Any Trait can be given an origin, however they are assumed to be natural if no option is listed.

Master List of Traits

Universal Options


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