Character Stats

Stats have two general categories: Fixed Stats and derived Stats. We need to discuss fixed stats first. All stats work on a scale that goes from 1 to 100 (technically a 0 is a null value rather than a number for stats). A value of 20 is typical for a human being. Skills use the same scale. A value of 40 is considered most typically the maximum result a human may have in a particular stat through natural means.

Fixed Stats

Fixed Stats are Stats which default to certain values and are used to create derived stats. What follows is a list of the different Fixed Stats.

Derived Stats

Derived Stats are simply stats that initially come from Fixed stats. Below is a list of all derived stats.

Derived stats are usually the average of two Fixed Stats and so like Fixed stats fit on a scale starting at 0. Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number, so a result of .5 for instance becomes 1.

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