Character Skills

Skills are learned abilities a character possess. Each one is based around a Stat either Fixed or Derived. Skills start at the value of their base stat and go up from there to a maximum of 100. So for instance 'Acrobatics' which is based on Reflexes will start equal to your REF Stat, which lets say is 30, when gained. In this case you would start at Acrobatics of 30.

Skills may also have be specialized, so if someone has specialized in diagnosis (poison), then when they attempt to identify someone who is poisoned they get the full value of the skill any other uses are at 1/3rd. The reason one may want to do this is to reduce the cost of difficult skills. Simple skills cost 1 point per point in the skill, Common skills cost 2 points per point in the skill, and advanced skills cost 3 points per skill. Specialized skills cost 1/3rd their normal value

Skills can also have 'Applications' these are aspects of a skill that can be applied to a situation. So for instance someone may have Large Blades and does a 'Flourish' Application of the skill. Applications may have penalties or even bonuses to the main skill itself, but accomplish specific things. Many skills will have examples of their applications within the description.

Combat skills can also be learned in three forms: Combat form (default), Sport form, or Art form. Most modern western training is in sport and art forms, while most classical training was in combat form. Sport and Art forms are less suitable for actual combat. In fact art forms (which often do not train using sparring) are treated as half their value during real combat. Sport form also suffers a penalty of 3/4ths it's value. However certain applications are only learned in sport and art forms. If a Combat skill does not note art of sport, then it is considered combat form by default.

The goal of the skill system is to cover the vast majority of situations through the use of broad skill categories and specializations. The hope is that with the broad skill categories here you can model any skill you may need in a game.

Strength Skills

Reflex Skills

Logic Skills

Savvy Skills

Endurance Skills

Perception Skills

Willpower Skills

Skills with more than one Stat

Combat Skills

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