One of the three striking combat skills, brawling is simply the generic name for a striking skill that is a 'whatever works' type. Brawling doesn't require any sort of formal instruction and unless trained otherwise all characters can default brawling at REF rather than 1/2 REF, though cannot use techniques. While not specifically including grappling itself it is normally paired with Wrestling and shares some similar applications.


  • Disarm,
  • Drop Kick,
  • Ear Clap,
  • Elbow Drop,
  • Elbow Strike,
  • Eye-Gouge,
  • Eye-Grab,
  • Eye-Rake,
  • Eye-Poke,
  • Hard Eye-Poke, Rather than simply trying to blind an opponent this eye-poke seeks to drive a finger right through the socket and into the brain.
  • Feint,
  • Ground Fighting,
  • Hammer Fist,
  • Head Butt,
  • Jam,


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